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Airspot is born as a startup in Turin with the vision that organizations must unleash all their positive energies to create sustainable value. Digital transformation is an essential part of this process. Software and cloud-native infrastructures are the path we have identified to support this transformation. In order to turn our vision into reality, we have chosen to leverage the power of Google Cloud technologies and CNCF technologies. We have developed our own software project, and to further strengthen our capabilities, we have forged a strategic partnership with Var Group, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions and drive innovation in the industry.


Our goal

  1. Enable seamless migration: Assist customers in smoothly transitioning their existing infrastructure and applications to cloud-native environments, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximum efficiency.

  2. Improve scalability and flexibility: Help customers leverage cloud-native technologies to scale their operations dynamically, enabling them to meet fluctuating demands and respond quickly to market changes.

  3. Enhance security and compliance: Implement robust security measures and compliance frameworks to safeguard customer data and ensure regulatory adherence throughout their cloud-native journey.

  4. Drive innovation and agility: Empower customers to embrace continuous innovation by adopting cloud-native practices, enabling them to rapidly develop and deploy new features, services, and applications.

  5. Optimize cost-efficiency: Guide customers in optimizing their cloud-native architecture to maximize cost savings, leveraging auto-scaling, resource optimization, and efficient workload management.

  6. Foster collaboration and cross-functional integration: Facilitate the seamless integration of various systems and teams within an organization, enabling collaboration, information sharing, and cross-functional agility.

  7. Provide ongoing support and guidance: Offer comprehensive support, training, and consultation services to customers throughout their cloud-native journey, ensuring they have the necessary expertise and resources to succeed.

Our approach

Our approach is built on a few simple assumptions that guide our methodology. First, we view our clients not as mere sources of profit, but as partners with whom we form a collaborative team. Second, we believe that technology should be utilized to create tangible value for organizations and individuals alike. Lastly, we understand that the most effective solutions are derived from the unique realities and contexts in which organizations operate. It is on these foundations that our methodology is developed. From an operational standpoint, we draw inspiration from the principles of agile project management and employ the frameworks of Site Reliability Engineering and Platform Engineering to drive our work forward.

Var-Group-nuovo_bilancio (1).jpeg
“Joining Vargroup was a unique opportunity to spread our skills throughout the national and international territory in which Var Group operates. The synergy and the integration with the entire Var Group offer has allowed us to be able to support companies that want to open up to new and more effective application development approaches and to support them in adopting new digital models” 

Antonio Murciano, Airspot CEO


Via Ormea 33, TO 10125

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