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We are an innovative startup based in Turin, Italy, with a deep tech soul. 

Since the beginning of our journey in 2019, we have focused on putting our expertise in Google Cloud, CNCF technologies and event sourcing to use to offer cross-industry solutions and services that allow companies to harness the power of the Cloud to improve flexibility, security and efficiency, and boost innovation.


Our goal

Creating value through innovation, efficiency, and scalability:

We guide companies in designing and implementing digital transformation journeys that help them achieve their goals and create value through product and service innovation. 

Drive innovation and agility:

Empower customers to embrace continuous innovation by adopting cloud-native practices, enabling them to rapidly develop and deploy new features, services, and applications

Boost efficiency and collaboration:

By facilitating seamless integration of various systems and teams within an organisation, we help companies foster collaboration, information sharing and cross-functional agility.

Improve scalability and flexibility:

We help businesses to make sense of the increasing volume of data for better informed decision-making. We guide them in their cloud-native journey with support, training, and consulting services

Our approach

Empowering success through collaborative innovation and digital transformation:

We develop innovation and digital transformation projects and journeys together with our clients, enabling them to harness the potential of cloud-native solutions and architectures to implement agile and flexible processes that help them achieve their goals.

We guide our clients in the development of both product and service innovation projects, leveraging today's technologies to build businesses ready for the future.

Var-Group-nuovo_bilancio (1).jpeg
“Joining Vargroup was a unique opportunity to spread our skills throughout the national and international territory in which Var Group operates. The synergy and the integration with the entire Var Group offer has allowed us to be able to support companies that want to open up to new and more effective application development approaches and to support them in adopting new digital models” 

Antonio Murciano, Airspot CEO


Via Ormea 33, TO 10125

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